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Cymbalta 60mg-horror stories?

Been to the docs for my review and he has put me back onto Cymbalta but the higher dose of 60mg once a day.Just came on the net to read about it,as you do,OMG!! There are some really bad stories about muscle damage and allsorts.

The thing is, I must try it because my pain is so bad at the moment.My doctor has also said to ask my rheumatologist to be honest and if he can't hekp me-which I don't think he can,then to discharge me then my doctor can send me to the pain management clinic.My doctor seems to think that is the best option.I see my rheumatologist once a year and all he does is tell me I'm overweight and take my blood.

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hi hope tht you are ok please dont worry toomuch the thing is we are all the same we all get new tablets and then go straight on the internet and read all the writwe up on there but the thing is they always put from you wil get a little spot to you could die they cover everything evryone has ever suffered

so i try not to read too much into it all but the thing is we could both be put on the same tablets and have completely different effects i am sure your gp would not put you on anything he ws not sure of so if you are still not happy call the surgery leave a messsage and he will call you back especially if it is about medication

i did this once at my doctors wa snot sure if i had too higher dosage and left a message and they called me back after surgery and discussed things with me on the phone so that may be worth a go but i would give them a go but that is jus t me you us t do what ever you feel happy with

as for the pain clinic i was sent ther i had 4 sessions but all they done was chat for hour atba time about my pain i filled in a quetionaire about pain and numbered it in 1 to 10 extremes then they duscharged me as nothing they could do

the same happened with rheumatologist i went after waiting weeks for appt full of joy thinking i would be in ther for a good hour no 20 mins max few questiond quick poke and prod told me i df had fibro gave me a pamphlet and discharged me and said i needed to go to my doctor for anything else and that was it all over so i dont want you to get too excited and then be dissapointed like i was but like i said this was my experience we all live all over the country and se diferent people in different hospitals so i hope it all goes well for you love to you diddle x


hi tillybaby Ihave been on cymbalta 60mg for 3yrs( along with other med )they are o.k my gp on 60mg from the start they do take bout 2 wks to kick in hope you feel better soon love beth2


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