Duloxatine..also known as Cymbalta

I took this a long time ago, and I can't remember what affect if any it had. I have so much pain all the time, and my doc has suggested trying it again. I agreed, but wondered if anyone else has been rx it. Its a very low dose to start with.

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  • Ive just started this a few days ago 20mg twice a day, havent yet noticed much pain relief, had a swollen wrist at first, my incontinance is slightly better

  • Hi there. I tried Duloxetine last year for about 4/5 months. A 30mg dose once a day. At first it was like a heavenly miracle!!! Felt chipper and totally pain free within 3 days of taking it. It was like a real life line for a while... But then the side effects became too difficult and outweighed the good points and i had to wean myself off them. My mother has been on a high dose of it for a few years now, she doesn't seem to be affected by the side effects at all. Guess everyone's body response is so different.

  • I am taking this at the moment and I feel the best I have felt in 10 years. The pain is still there in the background but you are able to deal with it better and the edge is taken off. I can now get out of bed in a better state rather than crawling out.

  • I have been on this for 3 months and I feel great - what side effects did you experience? I feel it takes the edge of the pain but the pain is still there.

  • I find duloxetine is something of a mixed blessing. Helped with sleeping (but also find causes weird/sometimes scary dreams), helps with incontinence (but also affects fluid retention, helps a little with low moods (but affects memory and mood swings), helps a little with pain in conjunction with the usual pain relief, (but also makes nausea worse). In other words I think it's a "suck it & see" thing 'cause we're all different. Also sometimes side affects reduce after a while. Wish you well with it :)

  • I had taken it before, I don't think it gave any relief, or had side effects on me.. but I just can't remember. I took one today and feel a bit air headed, hasnt reduced the pain any though. I will persevere with it I think

  • I was already on it when I was diagnosed with fibro!

    It made me feel spaced out, so a change to amitriptyline was most welcome.

  • What dose were you on Gracie? I am on the lowest dose, 30mg once a day. I thought about taking it at night instead of in the morning.

    I have to cope with two new meds at the same time, Losartan for blood pressure, that makes me feel spaced out too!

  • Ooops - I should have posted my answer here!

    See my answer below.

    Fibro is alive and well and living in Wales:P

  • Oh gosh - I think it was the maximum dose of 120mg. Always took it in the morning - and it made my insomnia worse - that's a possible side effect, but you might not feel it on such a small dose

    Here's some info on possible side effects:


    Once I had changed over to ami completely, I was able to give up Zopiclone - a sleeping pill I'd been taking for years.

    I think it will be a couple of weeks before you will feel any benefit from duloxetine, so I would probably persevere for a while and see how you feel then.

    Best of luck :)

  • Thanks for responding. I would be dead if I had to take such a high dose..

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