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morning to all fibro freinds .

having hardley no sleep last still felt like doing a 12 hour shift ,saw clock all night ,doc did bloods last week ,wrang up for results but got to go back again for some more done friday as the bloods couldnt be used , god knows y ,

doesnt help when ur still fatgued and hurting to drag myself back so still dont no y im so fatuged ,but will keep u all posted,,doesnt help when at hospistal on monday to fracture clinic ,never mind to phone up for pysio again ,i feel like iv been run over by a bus ,doesnt help when the wether doesnt help you ,

my son getting married in september but as mums do i volunterd of doing the buffet and cake ,im dreading the hard work whats involved ,hopfully i will get help and pace myself too,

all have a good day xx

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dont you just hate it when bloods cant be used ???? but why ??? were they cheeky to person lookingat them ??? i dont know the wonders of medicine .

oh yes we do volenteer on a whim then suddenly it few weeks away and oh my god panic stations

sure it will be ok love to you diddle x


Hi tinkerbell,

It sounds like you are too stressed love, You need to slow down.

I used to love doing buffets and cakes, i was known for my food (not blowing my own trumpet too much lol), I wish i could come and help you.

I dont do it no more as i find it so hard and too stressful.

Good luck with it all and i hope you can enjoy your sons wedding.

hugs, kel xxxx


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