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As you know i have got my daughters car for sale for her as she has upgraded it has been up for 3 weks and we have gone from £850 to £645 and no one interested but put it on main road yesterday 3 people looking at it today but the thing is it has now got 4 months tax and mot soo we got to get rid and it need lots of welding for next mot so i think we are going to be offered £400 to £500 i will try to get more but just need it gone !!!

they will probabaly take one look at me today aand walk away i look like death warmed up lol

anyway lets hope they come and buy it 1st people coming at 11 am and now it is pouring and i gotta stand there in the rain while they poke around and get frozen to death lol

will let you know if it goes

hope you all have a lovely day

love diddle xxx

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Good luck diddle. :) xxxxx


Diddle the sun will come out just as they pull up, love the car , pay you and leave, and you can go back in doors for a cuppa perfick lol good luck x


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