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How much sleep!

Not a lot last night, worse nite I have had in ages. Must have had about 4 hours tops and just the week I need to be at my best!! Bl+++y typical isn't it. Have done a load of washing already and its in the tumble dryer.Had a few cups of tea and a handful of rich tea biscuits. Umm what shall I do now then?? Perhaps I will have a shower to see if that wakes me up a bit, or maybe, just maybe, I could go back to sleep.

So I though what better to do than catch up on yesterday's blogs and I see there a few of my fibro friends joining me at this early morning lark. Have a good day everyone, not sure if I will catch up later but if I don't take care and catch up soon. Love Angela xx

ps. Tips for insomniacs on Daybreak today x

2 Replies

have a good day ang :)

hope its a good one xxxxx


i cant get to sleep its 3 in the morning when i drop of its awfull x


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