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For those of us who have a wheat free diet because of IBS or other problems here are a couple of recipies

Fruit Crumble

4oz Wheat free plain flour

2oz caster sugar

2oz Dairy free margarine

Mix until resembles breadcrumbs.

Place apples and rhubarb uncooked into the bottom of an ovenproof dish. Put the crumb mix on top and bake in gas mark 6 20/30 mins until golden brown

Fairy Cakes

6oz wheat free self raising flour

40z Dairy free margarine

4oz caster sugar

1tsp bicarb

half tsp vanilla extract

2 eggs

Mix butter and sugar together. Add eggs and vanilla extract and mix. Sieve into mixture flour and bicarb and mix. Put mixture into cake cases. Bake gas mark 4 mid oven for 15/20 mins until golden brown.

If you want icing, use icing sugar and Vitalite to make butter icing.


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Vitalite is the only one which does not contain soya, which is also a known aggravant, don't know quite how you want to phrase that. I use Tescos wheat free flour, simply because it gives a better result than any other flour mixes I have tried


thank you Julieru those look like lovely recipes, i did not know that about vitalite and soya. i always get a stomach ache when i have soya.

xxxx :)


I use rice milk instead of soya or dairy milk. Tastes much better and even cooks up well. Actually just thought of something, I have some rice milk rice pudding my carer made me. Grate some dark chocolate over it mmmmm


mmmm sounds lush love diddle x


Will have to see if my carer can make a carrot cake using wheat free for theres a reason to get the baking stuff out again


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