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feeling lots better yay ! :)

feeling lots better today thank god still had to use my stick up the school though :(

i hate useing it up there ,cause all i get asked is " what you done "

atleast they ask so i shouldnt be too ungratful lol ,the thing is if you try to tell them they get the old glazed look accross their eyes thing ,

then i just want to pummel them with my stick :-P only joking lol

hope everyone is having a okish or a good day love and gentle hugs everyone

:) :-D :-P :) xxxxxxx

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Thats great news lynz yay. :)

gentle hugs, lynz

kel xxxx


Great news love, really pleased. :)

hugs Sue xxxxx


Hey Lynz thats good, don't worry about using the stick if it helps though and as you say, if someone gets in your way you have something to hit um with lol xx. Love Angela xx


thats good news love diddle x


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