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oh dear maybe overdone things!!!

Well i thought i was being sensible today.

I didnt move anything heavy, just sorted dvds and clothes, rested, but then had to rush to counselling as really needed to go today, but not good move as i ended up being half hour late as sciatica kicked in on way and then asthma attack, already nearly there so wasnt worth going back.

Sat in an uncomfortable chair and only had half hour in the end as she had to go off.

Went docs to se if i could get an early appt but earliest i can get as my doc off sick is in 3 weeks time. And this is with a different doctor.

Picked up meds i had ordered and came home. Felt absolutely shattered so did a microwave meal so i could take painkillers and tried to watch tv.

No good, The fatigue was just too much so decided to give in and go bed at 5. Took an hour to get to sleep as so uncomfortable, then woke at 7.

But have no feelings in my fingers (well cant grasp anything) and has taken me an hour just to sit up.

My legs are like lead and i just cant get out of bed.

I dont know whether to just see how i go tonight or call doctor.

My head feels like someone is trying to crush it as well, so i wont be on here long at all.

I really hate this i am so frustrated, i have had a couple of positive days and now this. I really wanted to achieve something this week.


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sending u MASSIVE gentle (((hugs))) i can so relate at the moment had a major breakdown this evening because i am so fed up of feeling like this too xx

just by coping with all this u have achieved loads more than alot of people sending healing thoughts that there will be a better day for u really soon xxx amanda xxx


AW Kia, you do sound poorly tonight. Hope you can get some quality sleep tonight and that you will feel better in the morning. Love Angel axx


hi dont worry my dear we all have this we have a few good days or hours so rush about to get things done then we mess ourselves up but not even by doing anything really that strenuos and end up having a week in flare up arghhhh so we all know how you feel caal the doctor if you really are worried though love to you diddle x


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