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IF ONLY ?????? :)

Do you know my daughter got up art 9.30 am hada bath /hairwash waltzed out and met her friends for a fry up at the local restaurant wher evryine goes on a suinday or cafe what ever you want to call it then her and her mates cruise ariound the town and go look in few shops drive over to Gt Yarmouth and park up and parade arond there for a couple of hours on the machines and in the shops then they prob get chips fortea from the many stalls there and drive back to lowestoft go for a game of ten pin bowls and then go sit around someones house and watch dvd and then gets home around 10pm which is quite early as work tommorrow ! but isnt it lovely to be free like that ?

to jus come and go with no worries only who is gonna win x factor and will i be able to park near to work in the morning lol

oh well you never know a miracle may happen somweone may come up with a wonder drug for us all love diddle x

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Oh the joys of being young! xx


o my, if only, think that not being able to do what we used to is one of the most frustrating things of fibro, im often reduced to tears because i cant and used to, xx


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