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Thought I had got the message across to one sister and my brother - have given up on other sister who insists she has fibro but still manages to edit a book, write for journals, fly all over the place to conferences, start up a business and get herself made a professor!

But after speaking to my brother who thinks I should fly 400 miles to Glasgow to sort out the rest of my parent's possessions before the house is sold (they have moved to Edinburgh mother in a home and father in a retirement flat) I decided enough is enough!!

Going up in May with boys and girlfriends to celebrate my 60th with family as Emily hasn't met my relatives yet, spend time with my parents and see where they are living. Normally would keep myself going and then go to bed for a week when I get back. But not this time! They are going to seem how I really am!!!


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I understand where your coming from my hubby and kids are great. My close friends are great. My Karate instructors are great.

One of my sis in laws is trying to understand it. The other Ive told Im ill but not gone into too much detail as she will worry and lives at the other end of the country. My sister cant be bothered she didnt want to know before I was diagnosed when I was in pain and trying to find out what arthritis was in the family. My in laws I tried to tell them they didnt seem interested.

Happy birthday for when it comes round. x


Thanks Jules

Dopey brain should have said that we are going up on the 19th May and my brother wanted me to go up on the 5th!

I am looking forward to the break and will feel happier once I've seen that my parents are settled. Hubby and me are going to have another four days in the Trossachs afterwards which we are keeping quiet about!

Caroline xx


so sorry your family are not listening to you but perhaps they will realise when they see how illl you are it awful when you have to show family they should jus believe you should not need proof love to you diddle x


mine is exactly the same...... for years i have tried to tell them, my husband has sisters, and they know he is struggling with work and looking after me.. and they dont even phone to see how he is or me.. if it was one of them.. i would be helping them out.. friends and family have never helped me through this.. its ok.. forget about them. but it hurts.. really hurts.. just said to my husband today..see if we could move far far away i would love it.. as then i would not feel hurt anymore...


So good to read your post. I can't make my dad understand how ill I am. He refuses to listen to 'details' as he puts it and just keeps asking me if I've cut my grass yet! He has suffered much pain and still does and just pushes on despite it. Personally I think it's his inner demons and guilt that make him do this! But I'm not like him. I talk about my problems and my demons and guilt go away so that I can try to look after myself. My sister has hated me from birth (skeletons in closets and all) and even though her daughter has now been diagnosed with CSF and she believes her daughter is ill, she still doesn't help me. Nor will she allow my neice and I to spend time together so that I might offer my 20 years of experience to her.

We are Scottish too and I think that has something to do with it. Life is hard but you get on with it anyway mentality.

I just keep my contact brief and don't discuss my health.

Have a wonderful 60th and to hxxx with them all!

Christine xxx


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