Oh well i have got to get up and get on with it today as my daughters car finnishing on e bay today i jus saw 2 people want to come and view it before it ends so i have got to get dresed and put on the diddle mask lol

my daughter cant do it really as she never sold anything before and she would worry about talking to people and dont want anyone to take advantage of her (lol like i am a proffessional car sales person !)

oh well best get my suit on and put a bit of bunting around the front door and call myself diddles auto sales lol

love to you all diddle x

p.s the sun is really shining here and the sky is so blue it is really lovely i hope you all have the same where you are xx

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  • Hope the car gets sold today Diddle.

    I've always said I put the mask on - or put the coat hanger in my mouth. Painful lol but it kind of explains what I mean.

    Sue xx

  • ha ha have never heard that saying before coat hangr in mouth but yeah it sums it up doesnt it lol love to you diddle xx

  • My friend and I always say that, ok, here we go, put the coat hanger in..... lol


  • Loving the thought of you being a car salesperson Diddle, hope you do a good job today and the car goes!.Love Angela xx

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