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A week of suffering a distant memory? i hope

well this is a week that i want to forget quickly my jaw was so sore and an abscess to boot. dentist was real good with me though. (mind you she was on pain of death if she poked my mouth ha ha ) she flushed it out and added a antiseptic bandage (boy does it taste crap) still better than the taste i had before

the week has been a blur of pain with no energy to do anything even think so i am glad i am better now and i have to thank you all for your best wishes. i have enjoyed reading your posts even if i didnt have the energy to blog i have still felt part of the community so thanks my new found friends and soft hugs xxx

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Sounds just awful quine! You certainly need a good dentist when you're having those problems. Mine is great. Gorgeous eyes too :) And mine is a male dentist of course lol.

Really glad you're feeling better now. Glad you enjoy being here.

Hugs Sue xxx


Oh he has Chris, he's South African and has a lovely accent and the most lovely brown eyes.

Can't tell you where I am, he's all mine! LOL

I'm especially nervous with dentists, the one I had in the 80's broke my jaw and I used to get so nervous even going for a check up till I got this one :).

Sue xxx


bless your bones you really have had a rough time of oit i hope things only get better bless you glad you enjoying the site you do feel a real part of something special on here don you love to you diddle x


Nothing worse than a tooth absess Quine, glad it is feeling better now. I'm a nightmare patient and my dentist knows I am petrified of having treatment. He pretends not to be nervous himself when doing my treatment but I secretly think he is!.

Take care, Angela xx


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