Well I still have a temp of over 100 :'(

Hi all. Well I still have a temp of over 100. I have the ceiling fan on, being plied with drinks from hubby. Bandit my dog and one of my cats are snuggled up with me. Stabbing pains here there and everywhere. Thank god it is the weekend. I won't be on here much but just wanted to say, I am sooo glad I found this site. Love you all xxxxx

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  • hi pinkpig nnice to meet you to

    but i think you should call a doc out a.s.a.p i no we all have different simptioms but temp 100 don't seem right to me

    soft hugs kath

  • I agree with kathlaidlaw

    I too think that temp is way abnormal even for us!

    Get ya GP out hun NOW.you have been told by you loving Fibro Family :D xxx

  • Hi Kath. Don't worry I have a cold too (or flu) I should have explained better (fibro fog) I asked a question yesterday about it. Thank you for caring, it means so much xxxxxxxx

  • Awww thanks Flips. I am so touched by everyone's caring attitude xxxxxxx

  • Hi again Pinkpig - gentle hugs

    I forgot to mention yesterday that each of the 3 bouts of flu I had over the last 3 years, brought a temp of 105 with them and 3 different doctors were not in the least concerned when I spoke to them on the telephone. My usual body temp is @ 96.3 so at 105 you'd think the doctors would be very concerned - but no - my faith in doctors - not just by my experiences - is waning fast!

    Feel better real soon sweetie xx

  • Hi all. Thank you so much for you concern. We have a ceiling fan so I have had that on and it seems to be doing the trick, slowly. I have a great doctor and if things don't continue to get better I will phone them. xxxxxxx

  • Hi Pinkpig, you sound like one sick lady, hope you feel better very soon. Love Angela xx

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