Not having a good Day :'(

I have been awake since 5 up since 6am, so tired but yet cannot sleep. Today i am trembling, never had this b4 and i dont know if it is due to fibro or because i am in pain or tiredness, even my words are coming out all gobbldegook. Luckily i have managed to get a doctors appointment for this evening, maybe a chat with him might help. Such a lovely understanding man he is too, There are not many of that sort about these days. anyway i have had my little moan, so hope all of you that read these have a good day.

Love to all

Dee xxx

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  • Sorry to hear you can't sleep. What tablets do you take before you go to bed?

    I get trembling, however mostly after I do Yoga as my arms have been working out. Never had it before in my life even when I used to work out hard!!

    I wonder whether our muscles struggle to be fully oxygenated? It appears from research that parts of our brain do not have enough blood flow. therefore perhaps causing FM problems.??

    Who knows?

    Lovely to hear that you have a great Dr, good luck xx

  • Hello Dee,

    I had that exact same trembling etc., yesterday - I get it a lot if I have not slept for a long time and am extremely exhausted due to that. As Rach mentioned, Fibro sufferers do tend to get less oxygen to their brains due to slowing of the blood flow.

    I find also, like Rach, that the slightest exercise I do sets me off trembling - whereas before Fibro - I was an all-or-nothing- keep fit gal! - I could really push myself - now the slightest sudden movement on my part, sets me all a-tremble!

    Gentle hugs,

    Carol. xx

  • Hi Dee, I sometimes get this especially after I have done something the least bit strenuous. Hope the GP appointment goes well. Take care, love Angela xx

  • hi hope you get on ok at gp and tell hi everything love to you diddle x

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