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I'm in for a bad day

I'm in for a bad day

Well everyone i have had hardly any sleep past few nights and i am still awake at 5.30am,in so much pain,legs burning,stabbing pains in arms,hands and legs,hip is hurting too and my knees are so painful.

Ive had horlicks and water and still can not drift into sleep,my god how we suffer with this awful illness,so to all of you who are awake like me i feel for you and send a Good Morning and wishes for a lovely painfree day (hopefully).

I am so glad i found this site,i have had support and friendship along my way even though i am new here,i am so happy to have you all here for each and everyone of us.

Thanks guys,big gentle hugs to you all.xxxxxJules

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Hi and you sound like i do i am in a really bad flare at the min and have had hardy any sleep i mean like hour to hour half night in the last 3 weeks but thats not deep sleep either and pain like you too and ibs on top one min not going to toilet for 3/4 days next min in out toilet like there is no tommorrow ???ARGHHHHHH is that how you feel?

yes i have not beemn on site that long but the amount of help i have had is unreal i am lucky i have got fantastic gp and also my family are brilliant too so i can talk to them about fibro i dont always i arent one for braoadcasting to family as dont want them to worry

but what i am getting at is some people havent got all that so this site is there family and they prob rely on it i know i love it but if this was all i had i would be so pleased i had found it as they are all like my extended family so i know what you mean

also evn though people around you are lovely unless you have this you really have no idea do you

love to yo diddle x


Hi Diddle, yeap i too have had my IBS return past week which isnt helping,one min need loo so fast and next unable to go for days and when i do i end up in tears despite eating prunes every day,what a soddin nightmare for us.

Im still awake,not even slept this afternoon,head is killing me,eyes feel like gritty,belly is sore where stoma bag is situated and i cant stop itching for some reason,dont know if its something to do with fibro or not ?

I am dreading tonight,really could do with at least a hour. Yeah this site is great hun and your lucky to have family around you as my parents live over 200 miles away and dont see them very often and my dad has recently been diagnosed with Multiple scerosis and is home bound and terribly ill with it.

Its nice to get things off our chests on here and help each other and share ideas etc.

Wishing you a restful day hun,huge to you. Jules xx


Hi Jules,

So sorry you aren't sleeping and have so much pain. Love your pic too, so cute :)

Can you have a nap - pain allowing - today or do you work?

I seem to always say this but have you seen your doctor about your meds recently?

I hope you can rest today.

I'm up but not really awake, pain in my foot and hips woke me this morning really early.

I've got a busy day so hope it eases. Hope the day gets easier for you Jules.

Hugs Sue xxx


Hiya Sue

Yeah thanks,i love cute pics,puts a wee smile on my clock LOL.

I have seen a doctor who deals with congetive behaviuor(excuse spelling hun as i'm a bit washed out here ),he said i need to stay on them all and need a higher dose of fentanyl and be refferd back to rheumotologist for further help.

Hope your pain is subsiding for you Sue and have a less hectic day,hugs to you hun.xxJules


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