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I have had to take anti-depressants over a number of years. In the early days when the med was given within two to three days you really noticed the difference. Now whatever ones that are given it seems to take at least two weeks for it to get in the system and you really do not get any benefit from it for at least a month. Plus there are more side effects written down than ever before.

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hi yes i am on anti depressants i as on 20 mg but doctor upped it to 40 mg before christmas but i still feel depresed at times ? god knows what iwould b elike without them love to you didle x


Hi circuitrunner,

I've been on Prozac - Fluoxetine - for many years now and I might have been lucky but that definitely works for me. I take 40mg a day. I know friends have taken it and felt dreadful, it doesn't work for everyone.

Haven't you had one that suits you and you can stick with? To be honest, I've given up reading the side effects, unless I get something new that I haven't had before, ie feeling sick or more depressed on the tablets than I was before, then I read them and see if that's a factor and will go back and ask my doctor.

I hope that makes sense, I'm up but not properly awake yet. :)

Sue xxx



My question is I have never been depressed I have had

a lot of grief car crash, Mum dieing but I still think that

is differient from being depressed

I am on cymbalta I am told it helps with the pain,

I only ever feel depressed when I have a flare and

then that makes me cry not always from the pain

but because I feel low so cymbalta does not help


So is part of fibro depression, or is it just that we

we cant put up with the pain,

I know that there are people that think that we get

fibro because our brain react to depression and

the outcome is fibro.

where as other people maybe have a mental breakdown

I hope that this all makes sence to you all

Love and gentle cuddles



Oh bless you all yes of course a lot of meds do work regarding anti-depressants. It was more a query that I wrote - that it takes at least two weeks now to get the meds working in the system - plus at this time you feel zonked out in the beginning - whereas as in my younger - - younger years lol this was not the case. I just wondered why! Have been on the roundabout with each newe med like most of you. Have been put on Duloxetine feel like a zombie at the moment - have to wait another week before I get the 3day patches for the spine etc.

Hugs xox .


I must admit I have really struggled with depression in the past and have never found any antidepressant that helped me. Part of the problem has been being a former epileptic and some of them making me feel like I was going to have a fit or feeling so detached I became a zombie so after trying 8 or 9 different ones over a period of time I gave up. I now do take something else but am not sure if I am allowed to say as I got in trouble last time I mentioned the name of something! it does help me but I have to be very careful as it says 'not to be taken with any mood modifying drugs' and although I am on amitryptaline the maximum I take is 20mg and I don't think it counts as an antidepressant until it hits 50mg. It does help and its also supposed to help with muscle recovery after exercise and allegdedly memory but it does lift my spirits and I wouldn't be without it. Obviously it would depend on what medication you were taking and you would have to check for contra indications and may not be suitable for everyone. Its not a prescribed medication but its an essential fatty acid that occurs naturally in the brain but begins to decline around middle age (I'm 39 not sure when middle age is lol). If someone wants me to say what it is I am happy to say it (I just don't want to get banned from the site) love and soft hugs xx


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