Hi i met my daughter in town on her lunch break and we went into M&S i headed for food dept as i am missing my carrot cake but didnt want carrot but wanted something else so found 2 x swiss rolls one is a coffee one with coffeee cream and the other one is apricot and apricot cream and jam they were on offer so i bought them

i got home and thought i had better give them a go and make sure they are ok as my friend coming at 3 pm for a cuppa and yes i can confirm they are both delicious so get down to your local M & S and give them a try !!!!

And yes i have left some for my friend lol but i must admit i nearly didnt i had to hide them in the cuboard as everytime i i went by the boxes i would cut a bit off here and ther :) :) naughty diddle

love to you all diddle x

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  • A gal after my own heart! I 'm drooling here! :-P xxx

  • Glad you've found a new treat diddle, you enjoy them....yum yum!!


  • well i hope your friend got a bit lol :-D

    they sound yummy :)


  • mmmm in answer to your questions no my friend is on a diet so she didnt want a bit (shame i was gutted lol) and mmmm it all gone now sorry jules love to you both diddle x

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