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what on earth is happening to our weather????

Early hours of yesterday morning about 5am it was blowing a gale and a half and raining. By 8am it was bright and sunny, i thought i must of been dreaming. Then by 1pm it had gone really dark and cold it had really clouded over though there was still some blue sky to be seen. Had done a bit of little bit of shopping and come home; then all of a sudden it sounded like someone was throwing pebbles at the front door i thought it was only some tiny stone being thrown up from the cars, i knew it had started to rain because it had gone really dark inside next the front door was being pelted so i looked out the window only to see in my horror that it was not stones but hail and loads of it and i mean LOADS!!! there were two rivers running down either side of the street and the entire outside looked as though it had been attacked by polystyrene it was covered in loads of white granules must admit it was an amazing site lol. but what wasn't so amazing, was this morning when i tried to get up and found my legs wouldn't work properly and i have a terrible pain in my lower back. great eh! thats all i needed today. i had planned to do some crafting today but now i don't think i can sit still long enough just want to stretch out in bed. yesterday was still spectacular though!!! lol

Have a blessed day you all. XXXX

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yep i have just been out in boots winter coat and scarf lol i was freezing oh well now having cuppa to warm up love to you diddle x


i know didles its crazy!!!! think i will do the same in a mo. have blessed day love. XXX


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