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I want to get back to work!

I want to get back to work!

I am new to this and only got diagnosed in March with Fibro. having been off my full time job since November. I am so frustrated at the fluctuations of the condition! I need to get back to work as I'm a single parent, but OH said I need to manage and pace myself better so I can sustain the return to work programme starting at 50% of my hours. , but I just don't know where to start with this! Any ideas? I've got a puppy (well he's a year old) just after I got diagnosed so that I make myself go for at least one walk everyday. i try to keep up with life, but can't do all that I want to do - and the IBS has kicked in big time which means I can't go far from a loo - or am terrified I've have an accident. As I've been off for so long money is getting very tight - are there any financial benefits that are known to people out there?

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HI there suzysparle,

Its lovely to meet you. :)

I am sorry you have been dx with fibro, your ot is right you need to pace yourself. Just getting on with it and trying to carryon just doesnt help you in the slightest.

With work and money i dont have a clue as i am a mam but my partner supports us and money is tight but i cant work and look after the kids.

Someone will come along with good advice for you as the people on here are so helpful and lovely.

HUgs, kel xxx


Benefits can be tough to get and there isn't a benefit for people who are temporarily off work.

The DirectGov website can help you work out if you are entitled to any benefits:

There are further resources on this page:

Physiotherapy can be very helpful, but I would recommend reading the article below before asking for a referral:


With regard to IBS, FibroAction PAB member Heather Van Vorous is author of 'IBS: The First Year' and 'Eating for IBS' both of which are based on her evidence based information (it's not a quack diet). Both of these books are often found in local libraries or much of the information is freely available at

Pacing is all about trying to ensure that you never do so much that you are paying for it for days afterwards. It doesn't mean not doing anything. And it doesn't mean jumping into an exercise regime. Take things easy. Try to not do something that is not essential if you're going to be exhausted afterwards. Take little breaks and do chores in short bursts. Stress management can also help so that you do not get exhausted by situations.


hi and welcome to the site i hope that you enjoy it i am sure will find alot of helpful advic on here love diddle x


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