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I have no idea what to!!!?!?

I keep going back to my gp every 3 weeks for pain, everywhere!!!. The other week she wanted me to go to hypnathearpy, if thats how you spell it, to helpbtell my brain im not in pain. Then last week she's put me down to join gym to learn thi chi. How the hell am I going to be going to gym when my legs, back arms so painfull????? I keep asking her to sehd me back for more tests but she's having none of it. I also get numbness down my left side as if having stroke, & end up in hospital with all doctors saying there's nothing wrong with me. All this is really getting me down :'(

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Hello :) what a hellish time your having! Big hugs! I have come across a company, I think may be some help to you. Its a company thats totally free of charge that gives a second opinion and you can be passed on to consultants that specialise in the area you require. The company is called Patient Care Trust You can find it on any search engine. Hope you get answers soon xx



if you are not satisfied with your GP you can complain to the practice manager. It's unfair that you are fobbed off without a proper diagnosis or any specialist attention.

Moffy x


It all sounds like fibro .... But your GP does not sound very helpful if you have hypnotherapy to tell you you are not in pain , then how will you know if you have something very wrong .... The gym is possible if you can get there easily and do just a little gentle exercise each time ... If you are not happy with your GP could you see another one in your practice or find another surgery..... If this isn't possible and you are really fed up with your treatment I have just been looking at the patients care trust website but they don't mention where they are based except London ... But i haven't had time to search through this web site thoroughly yet to find out more except it is a free service.

VG x


Luvmybabies hi, gentle hugs to you

I would just like to add to the comments of V G.

You can ask GP to send you to a consultant for pain. Many of them know enough to get FMS for you if that is what is problem or they can signpost to other treatments . Unless you have clinician giving you diagnosis of FMS do not assume you have. A good friend of mine came to talk about FMS. I told him same as you. He actually had a digestive order. His pain was result of referred pain throughout his body as he was so low with not eating properly.Incidentally he is a lot better now after major surgery but a reminder not to self diagnose.

Like other posts you can try practice manager if not happy with a GP but suggest you give other doctors a chance to help first. Somme have blinkers on when it comes to pain syndromes they feel helpless they are human after all.

Keep the bloggers posted !


Although I would question the use of hypnosis, the advice to exercise is good. My GP sends me to physio, any form of exercise like Tai Chi is a recognised form of treatment to prevent your body from seizing up completely. If you sit around doing nothing, your muscles waste away. So even though you are in pain, it is better to do some type of gentle exercises to help strengthen your muscles and joints to maintain some mobility.


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