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Where to start???????????

Just about to have a little rant, so please feel free to ignore me. Anymore nights like I have been having lately and to be fair I don't think I can stand it. If I can actually keep my eyes open until 9pm off to bed, then of course got to try and get comfy. Feet and hands are freezing and when I say cold I mean cold. Going to bed in socks helps and then other times I am so hot the sweat pours out of me. I have realised though that if I have cold hands and feet when I go to bed I sweat more, like my body tries to compensate. If I get my feet warm and keep my socks on everything is o.k heat wise.....then of course I finally nod of only to wake shortly afterwards and realise I have somehow gone onto my the fun begins....WHY DO I DO THIS IF I CAN'T THEN MOVE...the pain is horrendous, my husband can't move in the bed and to tell the truth I am reduced to tears ..AND I HAVE A HIGH PAIN THRESHOLD......FED UP WITH BEING IN PAIN AND NOT BEING ABLE TO DO THE THINGS I USED TO. I can't even open a jar/bottle on my own anymore. Can't hold a pan, my handbag kills my neck and I have even had to take of one of my fave necklases because the weight is too much for me.....Oh then there are the headaches, feetaches,handaches,backaches and all the other aches.......Oh and of course if I could just remember what I got up out of the chair for that would be helpful.

That's it rant over...shouldn't complain I suppose especially as ours is one of those IMAGINARY CONDITIONS APPARENTLY !!!!!!!! UMPHHHHHHHH

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Thanks Jules, feel much better mentally now I've had a good I spend most of my life doing that.

Off to another consultant next week so at least I can give him earache.xxxxxx


oh dear you sound like my twin lol i am going through the same at min cold hands feet and pain all over even teeth !!!! yes teeth and goto bed so tired yet only geyying hour or two fitful sleep then cant sleep in day lol oh dear we really are a couple of bookends at min lets see who gets a good night first , you rant away i jus had a really bad yesterday but ok today got it out of mty system love to you diddle x


Sounds awful, but sometimes I have to laugh at myself after I've had a rant....sound like a spoilt little girl but then I think well I didn't ask for this so everyone can get a piece of arent I? and I know exactly what you mean about the teeth, I feel like I've had a punch in the mouth especially as I'm going through a sore/burning mouth stage. Feeling extremely anti-social and of course we have loads of things planned which involve being with other people. I feel like I could sleep for a week and of course as soon as the alarm goes off for me to go to work I get comfy and could nod off. I sit at work sometimes and think 'how on earth did I get here and how am I going to get through the day?' but I usually do. Find I have to force myself or I could quite easily give up.....not a good look, crying on my desk in front of my colleagues...

Take care and hope you have a good restful Gaynor.xx


Hi gaynor,

It s good you can get it all out on here, i hopr it helps.

I hope you start picking up soon its hard work isnt.

I am anti social and its taken me a long time to accept that, but its all about me being a god mam for me. If i can get through the day for my kids then bugger everyone else, i have to be selfish now as i cant please everyone, and its taken along time to get it through to my friends too, even close ones.

I take it out on my partner and i cant help it, but he just ignores me now as he knows its not personal.

SEnding you a gentl hug, love kel xxxxx


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