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Searching for relief

Recently, I tried acupuncture for the 1st time. Has anyone else tried this? The 1st treatment actually increased my pain. I was very uncomfortable for 3 days. But then I went back. And wow, I felt SO MUCH BETTER after the second treatment. The relief only lasted for a couple of hours, probably because I didn't rest afterwards. But to be down to about a 2-3 on the pain scale for even 2 hours was amazing. Going back for another treatment in a few days. Am anxious to see how long the relief might last if I keep it up. Always looking for something to ease the pain. Good luck to all in your searches too!

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I have tried acupuncture but I found that the pain was less after a few hours but then came back worse than ever either the following day or the one after and, as it was a GP at my practice trying to fit me in around all her other appointments it just wasn't worth it. To be honest I would try pretty much anything once, just to see if it might help.


Hall just had my fifth of six sessions of needle acupuncture. Unfortunately so far the pain seems to have actually got worse overall. A couple of times after the treatment I had an easier couple of days and then pain came back with a vengeance. Physio doubled the time today and put needles in a slightly different place so I am keeping fingers crossed for some improvement. The lady in the next cubicle said that her pain was marvellous to how it as even though initially her pain was made worse so fingers crossed for you.

I do have electro acupuncture every 4 months it is that long between sessions because of cuts in NHS funding it does help me with the upper back pain.

I had hydrotherapy for 6 sessions and it is a pity it had to end as by the last to sessions I was definitely moving my upper body easier. Try it if you get the opportunity. I am a nothing ventured nothing gained type of person so will try anything they suggest in the hope that one of them might work.

Good luck with your treatment I do hope it works for you.x


Hi fibromite35

I am so pleased that it is working for you albeit for short periods of time, hopefully the periods of time will increase with the number of sessions that you have? I had acupuncture and I have to admit that I was in agony every time that I had it and it never worked for me. I was hoping that it would do the trick but sadly not.

I want to wish you all the best of luck



I have been going for fortnightly acupuncture for last eight weeks, like you the first treatment worsened my symptoms but since then i have experienced a drop in pain levels due to fibro. Unfortunately it has done nothing for hthe regular migraines i experience. But well worth persisting.


I've had it. Sent me yo sleep as soon as I got home. Slept for hours. Which was wonderful. But no good at that time of day. After it had done this three times I stopped it. Was getting silly.


Sadly it increased my pain so did not work for me . I had 12 sessions each one was agony ..... I do know off people with fibro you have it every week and works really well fir them , hopefully it will work fir you too.


my experience with acupuncture has been that pain was better for a short period only. Until I tried 5-Element Acupuncture! That is a different concept that goes deeper into you whole system (and I don't mean the needles go deeper!) - I had one session, and I feel like a new me - the pain has not gone, but I feel a great sense of inner freedom - and the rest is just pain, the occasional limp and stiffness. I can manage that!

I am going to see an Osteopath on Mar 10 who follows a so-called Perrin Technique (you can look it up for ME) which should help and I am working on improving my diet - not easy on a budget.

Good luck - I hope acupuncture helps you further. I don't think it should hurt - in my book it is just a practitioner excuse!


To be honest it is a waste of time having acupuncture at hospital because they don't apply the proper ways of the traditional Chinese acupuncture, they don't check your tongue or take pulse reading like a properly trained traditional chinese acupuncturist does

I had acupuncture on the nhs and it never worked, wasn't consistent enough ,

They do so called " acupuncture" following where your pain area is, which is systemic

Doing that can overload your system and can wipe you out and make you worse

Proper traditional Chinese acupuncture deals with your whole body as they believe you have to treat the whole body, not just randomly stick needles in you

The belief in the Chinese acupuncture is that problems stem from certain organs , it is a bit complex to explain it all in one post but Google it and read if you want to do a bit of interesting reading

I have tried both types and i would never have it on the nhs ever again they don't do it on the same principles as the Chinese who have been doing it for centuries

Unfortunately you have to pay privately for proper traditional Chinese acupuncture, I am having some at the moment ( the traditional Chinese acupuncturist doesn't have to be Chinese)!!


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