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Not having a good few days!!

Sat wasnt too bad but Sunday i had the shakes so bad i kept spilling and dropping things so in the end decided safest place was bed. What happened?? My stupid computer decided to play up, says connected to internet bt wouldnt let me on any sites. Only just finally connected half hour ago after doing recovery, troubleshooting, changing settings, putting all my music, pics and games on a flash drive so i didnt lose in the event i have to reformat.

Its amazing how much you come to relying on these things.

To top it off i spoke to my daughter in hospital and she is really down as she isnt getting any attention as she is being good. The girls that are kicking off are getting all the staff attention so much my daughter is being ignored. So tomorrow i have to sort out that.

I been so stressed and i dont suppose this is helping the pain. Anyway hopefully the computer is ok now. I could do without this as well this week.

Sorry for moan again.

Hugs to all. xx

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Moan away! :) That is what the site is here for lol All ive done is ask questions, and moan :D getting it out and talking to people who understand helps me hehe.

Glad you got your computor sorted and I hope you start feeling better soon, having a bad weekend myself, it isnt good at all.

Ohh I wouldnt be happy with the hospital either they shouldnt be doing that to your daughter just try not to worry too much about it I am sure you will get it sorted :)! x


hi sorry your daughter in hospital hope she starts to get attention she needs you moan away we are all here for you i hate computers when they go wrong lol love to you diddle e


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