OK the op has been moved up :)

Well hi all thought I would update you phone call today from hospital and offered a cancellation this Wed so here I go again I hope, how ever feel a bit like a cold coming on so we will see, never can tell often get sore throats that come to nothing also could have been smelling body sprays for other half as he has no sense of smell, sometimes that can effect me, hoping that's what it is as I would hate having to cancel because I wasn't well........ anyway will update you when I get home or before if cold develops

Take care all love sue xx

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  • Fingers crossed then Sue that you will soon be feeling as if you haven't got a cold coming and will get that op on Wednesday ok. Good luck!

  • Thanks Nicki me too x

  • May as well get it over with if you can Sue, sooner the better. Hope your cold doesn't develop into anything. Love Angela xx

  • Everything will be fine, keep us updated. love to you

  • good luck, hope all goes well for you x

  • Hi sue,

    Good luck for wednesday and i do hope it goes really well for you.

    My mother in law is going in for a hip op tomorrow and she is so nervous, but i know she will be fine.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • oh well thats good news wil be good job done hope that your cold does not come to anything love to you diddle x

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