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Morning everyone x sending everyone a little gentle hug!

Thought I would share this picture, it was on a facebook friends wall, she has fibro too, and I thought it was apt for us.

Not slept very much in the last couple of days, but instead of laying there twiddling my thumbs, I got on the PC and wrote some letters. It did me good!

Got my renewal form from ATOS saturday, so got to sit down and fill it in, I think I will take my time :-)

Anyway, just a quickie, off to put the washing out... its so good to be able to do that again! Hope it doesn't sleet like it did yesterday!

Lots of love and warm gentle hugs to everyone who needs them today xxxxx


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Picture didn't come up! will try again.....


Morning misskittycat,

Good luck for your atos renewal. :)

I am sore today my own fault though, we will never learn lol

hugs, kel xxxx


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