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Sunny day

Well the weather has been so lovely today, why couldn't it have been like that yesterday so that we could have had our garden party?

Have suddenly come over very tired this evening, I think its the last few days catching up on me!!. Infact, I intended to log on about an hour or more ago but I just crashed out in my recliner. Just hope I can get off to sleep okay tonight now.

Hope everyone is okay. Its just going to be a quick catch up tonight but I will be back tomorrow.xx

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Glad you've had a lovely day Ang. It's been freezing here! Did I miss what your garden party was for?

I'm really tired now, not happy that it's Monday tomorrow at all.

Hope you sleep well tonight.

Sue xx


Hiya Sue, it was for the triplets Dad, he was 40 last week and had an adult party on Friday evening so yesterday was to celebrate with the children. We had a nice time though, quite a few people turned up and we had a lovely buffet, ate too much as usual. They loved all the attention as they usually have to wait their turn if they want something so it was lovely for them too.

We are hoping to have a party to celebrate the queens jubilee, is anyone else doing anything? x


hi cant plan anything here can you lol oh well glad you aw sun today it was lovely here too but wind cut you in half oh well love to you diddle x


No thats true Diddle, sun was quite warm earlier then it went really cold. Oh well, off to bed now, was gonna go earlier but I fell asleep in the chair!!.

Hope you have a good nite, catch up 2moro xx


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