I am loving this site and it is actually helping me get through my days the only thing i dont like is all the abbreviations like for citizens advice its CAB, im new to it all apart from the pain so please pretty please help me a little because im wasting my reading time having to work out what everyone is talking about and its hurting my little enough brain hahahah xx ;) xx No offence at all meant i will learn i promise xxxxxx

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  • No offence taken at all. :) If you don't know what they mean, it's no good to you.......

    I have a little brain too lol :)

    Sue xx

  • same here i have no idea most of the time lol infact i think its shrinking my brain more :-P lol

  • i think you can look it up on here somewhere though ,on tags i think

  • I am also like you I don't understand them. I can just about spell let alone try to work them out, I'm glad I'm not the only one with a little brain. XX

  • I use abbreviations so that it's quicker to type and saves my fingers ( I tend to write long posts :) )

    I'll try to remember in future :)


  • hi sorry i tend to use cab as that is whay it is under i local papers etc and lol as most people kow that one but sory if it cofused you and no ofence taken i hope you can enjoy being o here love to you diddle x

  • Thank you all i will check out the tags next time i see one instead of hurting whats left in my head thank you all for your comments xxx

  • I rather think that for a lot of bloggers it is easier to use abbreviations etc because it would take to long and a lot of corrections to do it all long hand.

    The comments i have made to various blogs have not needed abbreviations etc which is just as well because everything I write I have go through lots of times to make corrections- the curse of fibro fog

  • Yes i understand why they are used and in time i may slip a few in also but right now im new to this all so i am really interested in everything people are blogging so helps to understand it. I have been given excellent advise about the tag tab so i will be using that in future. Thank you for your reply though retiredpharm x

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