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jobs ?

I am hoping to change my job in the future , but is proving difficult at the moment to break into something new !!! and I am curious to know , what kinds of work does anybody else do ? Have you changed direction ? and is there any negatives or positives in the work you do ,relating to having fibro ?

I have fibro plus two auto immune diseases and work part time in a pre school, desperate for a change ! I have done this work for 18 yrs and still want to work in a supportive role . I have offered a couple of hrs a week to volunteer ( I couldn't do anymore as I still have to keep my paid job ! ) but have had no responses .

The job centre will only help me if I am unemployed, ( training etc ) You'd think they would want to help to keep me in work ,as my job is very physical and may be too much one day ............! I am on no benefits but cant afford training and give much time as I would run out of spoons !

Anyway , rant over, I would like to hear of your experiences x

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Hello Larissa,

I do voluntary work for FibroAction & voluntary work running the Andover Support Group but cannot hold down a physical job in any capacity as yet. I wondered if you might be interested in this poll with 53 responses about the work people do;!/#fibro...

Before Fibro I was a qualified Staff Nurse and at present cannot see being able to manage going back to work in any nursing capacity but you never know what the future holds.If I was to work would be best if it was mainly from home as we have a young one of 16 months to think about too.

If you should ever need advice about your rights and organisations that may help or if you experiencing problems with lack of understanding of Fibro for instance please see our website

Hope this helps

Emma :)


Thankyou x


Hello Larissa,

I am a volunteer too not just for Fibro but for Talking Magazine For the Blind and Talking Newspapers. I give may be three days a month to assisting in the recording and gathering of material that is read.

I am also a volunteer here on our site. I unfortunately find myself pretty much house bound and these two things widen my daily life.

I am also writing a story book, well a series soon to be released could not resist the plug :)

What sort of thing were you actually hoping to do?



I've just looked at 'SCOPE' and they sound great and also offer training ! I may give them a call on Monday .

I am quite flexible but am deffinately a people person and would love to eventually work for a disability charity and give up working in a pre school .

I am very passionate about helping people with disabilities , mental, physical ....... and I like what this charity stands for , so fingers crossed ,I hope I can offer a few hrs and gain experience within this area !?

And , well done you ! on writing your book ! Whats it about ?

I think its important to do what you can while you can! If one day I couldn't go out to work ,i'd have to do something or I think I would become miserable.

I think its fantastic that you volunteer and are helping people x


hi larissa, what's the book about?


Hey Larissa,

I just read your comments and can relate. I'm currently working full time in financial services, but have managed to negotiate one day per week from home. I use my weekends to recharge and when I get bad have to take some time off. It's really tough but I am grateful I can still work.

My job is quite sedentary which helps...I would love to retrain as a nurse (like Mdaisy was) but there is no way I can do it. I'm just not up to it physically. So for the last few years I've been trying to move into HR as I am a people person like the future I hope to be able to afford to work less hours.

I am concerned if I keep pushing myself I will end up not being able to work at all though....

Thanks to Mdaisy for those links - I've been looking for these :)

Good luck with everything Larissa - love the spoon analogy by the way!

Zosie x :) x


I'm currently employed as a senior staff nurse in a secure environment. I have been off fir almost 5 weeks. Due back middle of the month.

I have completed level one in reiki and would like to do the level 2 at some point. I am also an NLP practitioner and would like to concentrate on those if I have to stop nursing.

Goid luck with whatever you choose to do.

Becky. X


Hi, I used to work as an Environmental Health Officer and like you I was itching for a career change and so currently I am doing a BSc Mental Health Nursing-due to start year 3 in sept--seem to be collecting degree ha ha but hopefully this will be the last one.I find the job fulfilling as I get to help those experiencing mental illness and i have patient contact on a daily basis,which helps as I am a peoples person.its hard work and there are times when I just want to give up as I also have RA and in constant pain. I am also a single mum to 2 wonderful kids aged 4 and life is hectic!!!The uni has been most helpful and understanding. I get extra time during exams,or when submitting academic work if necessary.

I recognise that I probably won't be able to do a full time job when I qualify but who knows...Good luck in your quest and hope you find what you are looking for.

Bianca x


Hi all

im of work at mo have been for nearly 3 years upto then ive worked all my life since 15 had 1 child went back work i av always seemed to work as a cleaner my last job was for just over 9 years as a cleaner and was laid off due ti ill health F/M O/A i tried working in a childrens nursery in kitchens but really struggled and time off cause to tired sleeping anything up2 6 days i have to attend a work programme once a mth and they are trying to get me back to work and onto tax credits ive told them i dont fell like i could manage it now (im nearly 56) ive worked all my life but ive been told i have at least another 10 years work left in me has this happened to anyone eles what do i do plz angie x


Hi I worked full-time in a private day nursery, in a very busy toddler room, I became ill in Nov 2011, and I have not worked since. I really admire all of you who do still work with this awful illness.

Jan x


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