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i cannot believe that my eyes are still wide open i am so tired my body is in so much pain and my eyes are still not shutting i really cant go on like this much longer can i ?

oh well i think i will turn this off now and my tv and light anf hopefully if it is dark i will fall into some sort of sleep

i will let you know in th morning what happened i think i will count sheep too trouble is i think i will end up counting the whole farmyard lol

love to you all and hope you all had a pleasant and pain free sllep it is now 1 am so if i am lucy i will get at least hours keep everything crossed for me night might dont let the bed bugs bite my special fibro friends love diddle x

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Hope you get some sleep Diddle

gentle hugs



if you count sweet that keeps my mind going and wakes me up more. Thats just me tho. from kerry x


hi my dear caring friend christne well i am o laptop at mi but to be honest it is only last 3 ights as jus got it back off my daughter but i know what you are saying and agree the thing is i normally jus come to bed o telly jus nice temp and quiet but no sleep so i put telly on then ! i dot know christine i ama case and a half arent i love to you diddle x


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