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I love my pets!

Not content with a dog that thinks its a toddler, 3 cats and 40 tropical fish, i have now gone and bought a hamster! Am i insane i hear you ask. It is true that they are a lot of work to care for properly but im lucky in the fact that my hubby and kids do their share. i find that each of my pets helps my fibro in their own way. My dog for instance;on a good day i love to take a toddle around the park or field with her, it gives me a kick up the bum when i just want to hide away. My cats are wonderful for just sitting on your knees at night watching television and stroking them....its so theraputic! My fish are right at the side of my chair and again,they are so relaxing to sit and watch. So although keeping pets is hard work there are also benefits for the family and for me too, although where the new hamster fits in with this will remain to be seen! (The poor thing hasnt even got a name yet lol!)

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lol my little doggy is my lifeline at times he jus maes me smile i sit wih ihim for hours jus teling him all my woes no wonder he asleep all the time call yhe hamster ibro lol love to you diddle xxx


hi charlii lv i av 3 cat also,lady geri a ginger tortoise shell n wen i say lady i mean lady,shes so stuck up n sylvester(sly) n leon who r brothers.sly just lks lk sylvester the cat ,leon has the same markins but e as short hairi couldnt b wi out them,they gi me loadsa comfort n wen im sad they gather round me,purr,lick n lv me wi their lil eds n wen my 23 old sons sly wont let him near me,e hiss`s at him.ant othertime es fine wi my son...odd in it...just fort id share that wi u lol lv fm me xx


hi charlii i've got abit of a zoo going on to, we have 3 cats, 1 dog, 2 gpigs, and three tropical fish at mo as been having trouble with getting the water safe to put any more in yet.


lol u think im mad after reading this..........

3 cats (one due to have kittens anyday now)

6 birds,

10 chickens and rooster,

2 ducks,

4 guineapigs,

1 rabbit,

5 cold water fish,

and looooots aquarium fish xxx


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