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Right where do i start i have had all my meds all day taken my amitrityline and i have had about 20 hours sleep in fortnight so you would think that i would now be crashed out with zzzz 's coming out of my mouth !!! But no i am wide awake but not jus awake in sorry going to swear dont mean to offend i am in bloody agony all over my wrists my arms my ankles my legs even my toes my bum hurts sitting in bed probably as i got no meat o it lol but seriously all my hips are hurting and i just dont know what to do with myself i would not wih this on my worst enemy i really wouldnt it is awful and so mis understood i cant see how i can look so normal with all this pain ?

i do sometimes look white and tired bu most of the time i look ok !

i am only on here as i got my laptop back today but i dont really wanna be on here all night that is not a good idea i dont think so i am gonna prob put it in lounge tommorrow .

oh well i ope by now you are all int he land of nod blissfully unaware of any pains you may have and i hoe that you at least get a good few hours sleep and be all bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning oh oops it is the morning love to you all diddle x

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Hi diddle hun,your not alone,I`m still awake and will be for some time yet.And then I get about 3 hrs if I`m lucky.

I have been like this for more years than I care to remember,but one thing I have learnt is to accept it.

You have had a long time now with not a lot of sleep and I bet if we were sat on your sofa with a cup of coccoa,you would tell me you now dread bedtime

When you go to bed,read your kindle for a while or have the radio on low with chat programe.It will either be an interesting chat and you wil fall asleep because you wanted to listen to it.

Or if it is boring try some soothing low music.But don`t feel if possible that just because you are in bed you must sleep.

Let the fear of not getting sleep go.

We fibro`s are notorious for not getting good quality sleep hence the pain..

I wish I was there with you as I would be better able to exsplain it.

But you are in the visciouse cycle of bedtime means no sleep or sometimes very little sleep,so you have come to accept that that is the case.

Maybe a word with your doctor about a very short coarse of sleeping tablets,just to break the cycle you are in is in order.

I really feel for you diddle as I wont go to sleep much before 3 and I`m awake again at 6.

Anyway my little carrot crunchie friend throw away the fear and say what will be will be.And then have a word with the doc.

Love and Hugs Butterfly xxxx


hiya and thanks for all that advice it really does make sense what you said yes i think i may go to gp and ask her for a small course of sleeping tablets to try and break the cycle you are so right my partner leaves at 11 pm and i know i dread coming up to bed as i know i will lay here for hours jus watching crap on telly and drifting off for few mins then i will jump like you do with fibro

i don know all i have done all my life well all 46 years of it as care for people and put everyone 1st and i am not a selfish person i love to see people get on like my friends and my family i love to see them get on my kids too

. i am the sort o person i do the lottery with my sister and if we evr hada big win i woould pro give most of it away to all my family and friends as long as food in cuboards and my bills are paid and i got a car to get me from a to s that is all you need

so i dont know what i have done to deserve this when you get all those cruel people in the world but then like i said in a blog few days ago i am gonna say i was picked as i am special and also i wouldnt wish this on anyone either so it is a vicious circle isnt it of pain guilt ranting lol oh well i am gonna turn this off now r iw ill be on here all night or morning and i dont wann get into that cycle either

lovely to chat to you and thanks alot hope to chat aga in soon love to you diddle x


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