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a moan

been in pain again today from top to bottom however i carried on and got done what i needed to slowly ive now got work again tomorrow and the weekend and im

dreading it but i guess on the upside i have my hospital appointment monday so they will get to see how bad i get im just fed up of putting myself though it all

because the system says i cant have any benifits still not heard about my blue badge which i could really have done with today so got to get hubby to ring up

tomorrow to see where i stand with it as i get confused very easy so i cant do it well i think thats my moan over lolor at least its all i can think of putting that may make sense

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hi i can sympathise with you today been exactly the same top to bottom and jus got on with stuff but in agony now worse than ever i got my badge ithin 5 days posted in 10 am monday morning got it 11 am sat morning so hopefully you will be lucky but we have had good fri and bank hiliday monday s o bit slower at min love to you diddle x


i havent applied for dla yet waiting for hospital appointment first but we cant get any other cos my hubby works to much and they took esa off me :(


That sucks Sarah, why should you be penalised because you have a partner who works, it should be paid regardless. They don't penalise those families where no family member is working do they!!.

Good luck with the blue badge, keep us up to speed with it. Love Angela xx


Pain can cause many side effects, such as sleeping, walking etc, try exercise, in some cases it can make a difference. Do not depend on pain killers,one can become addicted


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