I had my pip face to face on the 1st of this month then on the 16 th i got it at last i couldn't believe how quick they sorted it out for me I even got it back dated it's been an up hill battle to get to this point and i would say to anyone going for pip don't just give in even if you think you can't go on get help to help you with it this has made our life so much better now lifted so much worry of us now we can now live a little and i wish to thank everyone that help me on here also knowing i wasn't on my own helped a great lot i have read a lot on here that helped me so keep up the good work THANK YOU ALL maria x

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  • Oh hoorah hoorah :-) :-) I'm so so pleased for you maria, as you say for so many it is such a long and tortuous process, you never think it's going to end, let alone well !! +#%?#[<%, <-------- my fingers doing a little happy dance for you, cos I can't :-)

    Anyway, I am so glad it will make your life so much easier in probably every respect, I'm not sure I had any input at all as I didn't immediately recognise you, but we have so many supportive members here don't we? We are so lucky to have wealth of experience and knowledge of so many to help us on our way :-) :-) :-)

    Really relax now and enjoy what is rightfully yours :-)

    Foggy x

  • thanks you all xx

  • Excellent news. Well done.



  • Hi marialang1

    Congratulations! That is so fantastic to hear! I am absolutely delighted for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • thank you

  • That's wonderful and very positive reinforcement for others!

  • Well done that's great news.

  • Great News Thank You for sharing :)

  • thanks

  • great news.

  • I am very happy for you. I think that your life will be much better for you now. I finally had my P.I.P interview on wednesday. I am still recovering. I am praying that I have also been successful. It was a long hard struggle. Well done and your right I only started to have hope after help, from everyone. The Citizens advice helped me so much they are so competent. They cannot be praised highly enough. Now the wait.... its been a nightmare and a cruel slow process.. A battle is not won alone. The system is appalling. I am proud that you got yours. Fingers crossed for me.

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