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rheumy, now pain clinic referral and home to letter about esa

nice rheumy visit today, oh yes you are bad was the phrase she used,,mmm, i will write to your dr to send you to a pain clinic, and to somewhere else to help with knees and hip(?)... and take some blood just to check its not psoriatic arthristis, Then home to a letter from DWP saying my esa payments changing to incomed based from end April, no income coming in so not a clue what thats going to be,, was put in WRG in August last year and had to re send forms in in December, not heard anything from Atos since, just a letter in Feb from DWP saying due to information you provided your esa is continuing, lets see what the next few months brings then xx

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do you know what itr gets on my nerves you get one thing sorted and feel qite happy in yourself and then you get another thing which brings you down again arghhhh why dont they leave us alone love to you diddle x


Does anyone understand all this ESA business, I think I understand it and then something comes out of the blue and hey its back to square one. Sounds like you had a positive appointment at Rheumy clinic, lets hope they can do something to improve things for you. I always dread those brown envelopes coming through the door but I notice the last few have been white. Somehow they dont seem so frightening to me!!.

Look after yourself and take care, Angela xx


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