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not about fm but rant over drs anyway!!

im fuming at our drs my daughter went there last week as shes bleeding between periods heavily (shes 17) anywa dr said signs are chlamydia!!! and gave her strong anti biotics for them she also has an enlarged womb but she had that last time she went .

anyway she had told dr she had a swab for chlamydia a few weeks earlier and came back negative (its a free test and most of the girls go and have a test!) anyway dr wouldnt listen to her said sometimes they come back neg when they are positive.

got the reasults today all clear!!! but she now has white spots on roof of her mouth and tongue which i think is thrush only cos it was going ripe at the nursery she works at. so shes back to drs toinght to find out why shes bleeding and why she gave her anti bio for something she said she didnt have!!!

of cousrse with all the tv stuff on womb cancer shes now worried! wish drs would sort themselves out when my kids were younger i never took them to drs as wanted their immune systom to fight infections with out anti bio so my kids very very rarely had them(maybe ear infection cos of the pain) so i know her immune system is good .

anyways well find out tonight hopefully

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hi i totally agree with you 2 months ago my daughter who is 24 and has 2x kids wen to doctor she been having trouble with periods and water infections and other things in that area she has been with her partner nearly six years and none of them had strayed you know what i mean anyway the doctor aid i am gonna give you a swab for cervical cancer as alot of your symptons are similar etc she was out of her mind we all were then she called for the results and the doctor asked her to go in she was really concerned the doctor was fuming when she got there as the people who do the swabs sent her sample back as she was Not 25 !!!!!!!!!! you have to be 25 to have cervical cancer swab done he phoned the lab ey=c but they would not have it so now she has to wait until june this year when she is 25 how stupid is that IF and we dont know ther isnt anything wrong but if ther is and god forbid she has a problem it has now had 4 months to get worse which is along time to have something like that !!! who makes these rules and i just thought of that poor jade goody anyway i hope your daughter gets on ok bless her love diddle x


Hi angied,Antibiotics alone are known to cause thrush.She needs something like canistan duo and this the doctor can give her on prescription.

I can never take antibiotics without then having to deal with thrush.

Even at 17 I would have thought that a swollen womb,and bleeding inbetween was somehing that would make a doctor sit up and take notice.It makes you despair doesn`t it.

Hope you both get on O.K and come away with answers,please let us know.

Love and hugs Butterfly xxxx


shes just been to drs the so called thrush is in her mouth, but dr didnt even look at it she examined her and said she will get an appointment for a scan in a month or so! she was told to take anti bio still cos she may have infection (although test came back ok!!!) so told her not to bother.

shes in alot of pain but dr not worried just cos they are young doesnt mean something cant be wrong im sure cervical cancer or womb cancer cant read someone s age and think oh wont give her cancer yet shes not 25!!!! i know a few people who have had cervical cancer again a girl got it before she was 25 she was dead by 28 due to 2ndry cancer,.

sorry diddle dont mean to freak you out but you know what i mean its just an age thing bloody ridiculas!


Cant understand why your GP's are not referring the girls to a gynae consultant. I know there are rules but sometimes when tests are signed off by a consultant they can overrule them. This defo applies to having a mammogram before the age of 50 as I have had to have them. These girls need to have their fears put to rest, if there isn't a problem thats fab but if there is the earlier it can be treated the better. Maybe they should be more assertive with the GP, when they are young they get shoved to one side and its not right. Get them to take someone along with them to the appointments and someone who will speak up on their behalf. Its a doctors responsibility to ensure the patient is treated properly and they should take on board the seriousness of these problems.

Hope they are both okay tho, love Angela xx


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