At last half the ants have gone !!! :-)

The pesky little things stayed all day yesterday, I tried everything I could to ease it, but nothing would. I gave up at about 3pm yesterday afternoon and went and boiled myself in the bath - this really seemed to help, but as soon as my body cooled down, so the pesky things started up again!!! I was so tired that at 9pm I gave in and went to bed, I took a sleeping tablet as I knew I wouldn't sleep otherwise, it has helped immensely, the majority of ant feeling has gone and the remainder I can deal with. Now its just the normal sciatica feeling which I am used to.

Sorry for being so moany yesterday. :-)

hugs xx

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  • Hello tinkz,sorry you have had such a rotten time of it.By ants do you mean restless legs.I don`t know if you have tried anything if this is the case.

    I have a low dose pramipexole which helps enormously,if I forget to take then I know about it.

    It a horrrible thing and can drive you barmy.

    Love and hugs Butterfly xxxxx

  • hi no need to apologise really we all have our fair share of moans on here and yesterdayn was your day lol glad you got some sleep wish i could love to you diddle x

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