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Hi everybody,

I've been reading your blogs on here for sometime now, left a comment on some. I just want to say how wonderful you all are. I can't wait to get to my lappy in the morning to read the next installments! I've had osteoarthritus for about 25 years and was diagnosed with fibro about 4 years ago. I'm beginning to think I was misdiagnosed, I don't have anything like the amount of pain that most of you seem to have, I have the tender points and the brain fog (oh boy, do I!!!). I put most of my pain down to the arthritis. I'm thinking maybe I should go back to my gp. Although he's not sympathic at all, Told me he was not the person to speak to about sleep problems as he didn't sleep well either!!! Anyway, just wanted to say how much I love this site. So nice to have likeminded people to talk to. xxxx

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If your doc says he isn't the right person to speak to, the immediate response is well I'll have a referral to the right person then please. That usually brings them up short. Used that line on my gp, so now have ME/Fibro specialist, Diverticular consultant, angina consultant, specialist dietician, pain specialist, hydrotherapy. It takes a lot of kicking and screaming and I have been known to stage a sit-in at my gps until she gets her arse into gear. If she stalls I ring her every day until she gets so fed up she does as I ask. Down side is she volunteers nothing, but that's due to her lack of knowledge on the conditions. At least now I get to speak to the people who do know. If someone here recommends something I will try it. It might not work, but then again, it just might.


hi and so glad you have found a place you can come and jus read blogs or join in and feel comfortable or at home as one of the people on here put this weekend which i thought was alovely way to desccribe the site . any way welcome and hope to talk again love diddle x


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