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few bad days

after a very bad few wks i gathered up my energy to take my son to my nephews party at soft playon sat & which is about an hours drive from where i live been a few times & i have a sat nav but on the way i got really disorientated and got lost ! eventually i got us there. Got home ok then sun took the kids to my mums for easter seen all the family but on the way there i nearly had a crash ! thanks to an idiot not following roundabout rules ! its really shuk me up and after a few minutes i got such a bad pain in my lower back i counkd breathe but my mums was only up the road and we made it there ok but i was dizzy and shakey :( mon i had to canel on a friend & the kids and spent fours in bed in agony said i would pop there today instead but feel awful but cant cancel again :( 2morro my son is going to the zoo with young carers so i will get some rest then i am to take him ice skating on thurs with young carers and friday we are supposed to be visiting my grandparents omg i am suppose to be pacing but it seems its already planned out i really will have to fit in some rest times or i will be in trouble xx and my dad brought round my grandads wheelchair (self-propelling) so i have got it here just have to talk myself into it my son was very upset saying "no mum i dont want u to be in a wheelchair its just for old people" :( xx love & gentle (((hugs))) to u all xxx <3

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omg i should think you are worn out it is funny how litle ones see awheelchair as something for old people isnt it bless them but dont worry yourself if you have to use it he would soon get use to it and you in it you would be a team and jus imagine the fun you could all have when your son is old enough to pusjh you about he would be in fits pushing around and twirling you about like we used to when they were little in the supermarket trollry i would make it a fun toy to have to him rather than a disabled aid he may accept it miore then love toypou diddle x


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