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hi there everyone

thank you everyone for the kind comments ,from yesterday ,

it was a funny old day yesterday ,started off reacting badly to the new pain mads i was on ,i wrote a blog ,and asked a question ,on here and felt so awful went straight back to bed ,

when i got back up nearly 5 hours later i looked at all your answers and as i was feeling worse by this time i thought id better ring nhs direct ,

so i ring them up and tell them im having what i think is a bad reaction to new meds ,

so she goes through a list and i answer yes or no ,

next thing i know she says ive called an ambulance they will be with you shortly

to say im gob smacked is an understatment !

so he knocks on the door and says "hello ,suspected meningitis "

im like omg really !

anyway he does lots of tests and of course i havnt got that ,

he thinks i may have a wee infection ,

so off to the emregency docs i go ,wait an hour to be given some antibiotics

by the time i got back i was absolutly exhausted ,

but after all that i dont know if i was reacting badly to meds or was i just ill ?

who knows lol , :)

love and hugs to everyone xxxxx

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SEnding you a big hug back hun xxxxxx


And from me too, hope you're feeling much better today and you are resting!!!!! Fat chance? lol xxxxx


hi so glad all is well mty grandson had strep b meningitis at six days old he was 6 hours from dying only due to my daughters mothers instinct and persistance we have a darling little 2 year old miracle running riot everywhere so so glad you did not have that but glad you called nhs direct love to you and get well son diddle x


Hiya Lynz that was a pretty drastic diagnosis from reaction to drugs in a few minutes!!. Anyway, glad you are okay and back home to tell the tale. I once contacted NHS and was told I needed to see a doctor urgently but when the doctor rang me back about 5 hours later she told me to take rennies lol. Dont know what set of symptoms they each work from but it can't be the same one.

Take care, Angela x


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