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Internet access

Hi, have been loosing my internet access and am awaiting a new wireless router so if I go quiet for a few days its because my access has gone. Its horrible, feels like I have lost a friend and it means I cannot keep in touch with my family and friends.

Have been suffering today with pain and stiffness so am so glad to be able to get into the forum and chat to you all.

Take care and hope everyone has had a lovely Easter. Love Angela x

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It is horrible isn't it, I'm like a bear with a sore head if I don't have internet access lol. We had a power cut for 2 hours this morning and I was getting withdrawal symptoms :)

Hope you feel better tomorrow. xxx


hate that when it happens hope it sorts out soon love to you diddle x


Well its working again at the moment. Wonder if the chappie at BT knew what he was talking about when he said I need a new wireless router, it may just have been the internet down. Anyway, I got a new one coming now so if I go quiet for a while yu know where I am.

Hope you all had a good night. Mine wasn't too good, I dozed for a couple of hours rather than sleep!!

Love Angela x


Hi angela, hope you dont have to go too long without it.

I would go crazy lol.

kel xxxx


LOL I know the feeling Jazher. Its working this morning with the old router but its a bit hit and miss. As you can see I am taking advantage!! xx


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