An interesting site I found on the Internet re cfs m.e and FMS

If you are interested you can go here and register yourself on the global map or just look and see which countries have lots of sufferers , amazingly some countries seem to have no sufferers at all, you can translate the site into different languages ... Obviously some people won't have Internet access so cant register themselves on the map but its interesting to look at you can also leave a comment for people to read

VG x

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  • That's interesting!

    Funny thing is that the majority of cases are in developed countries. That raises the question of whether that is because the others don't have the internet, or because people in developed countries are more likely to suffer fibro. Hmmm - amazing - shall watch with interest!

    Moffy x

  • I feel its due to all developed countries, use toxic mercury in every day this from light bulbs to injections and dental fillings, one of the most toxic metal on earth and I would bet my life on it the my health issues are due to this.....

  • I can see your point totally but then that just raises the question why doesn't everyone get fibro and related illnesses

    Yours wondering

    VG x

  • I have done hours of research into this as I had a mouthfull of silver dental fillings and have recently decided to get them removed, no it depends on how your body can deal with mercury and how much you get into your system over time, some people live their whole lifes without any symptoms cos the body detoxs itself. Its also linked to many other conditions. Obviously I cant prove it but im sure eveyone would agree it cant be a good thing the most toxic metal on earth going into our bodys. Many other countries have now banned mercury in many things and I believe over time levels of suffers will fall as well but I doubt I will notice it in my lifetime.


  • Begs the question if you move to a country with no or very few registered people could you possibly improve ???

  • Let's catch the 'bus to Central Africa or the Amazon Basin - few people with it there.

    In fact - few people! :D

  • Maybe its to do with more pollution and other things causing fibro in developed countries. Buildings have building sickness or whatever its called maybe it passes through our food and water and because we have an imbalance of some sort and it affects us more.

    I'm going to move to the desert in the middle of nowhere and maybe I will get better lol. (As if) xxx

  • I noticed that there appear to be two sufferers in the middle of the Atlantic! Maybe it's seasickness not fibro :D

  • This map confirms to me that moving to Greece -Crete- will be extremely beneficial. Have been on holiday there 3 times recently and Fibromyalgia disappears!! No painkillers, more energy.Am able to walk for miles in the hills of this beautiful island. And it's not all in my head!

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