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what procudures did you go through for fibro diagnosis???

I ask this question as the only diagnosis i had came via physio theraphy, who sent a letter to my gp pther than that i havent seen anyone else, although ive heard people say that a reheumatoligist isnt much better. Am interested to know how your diagnosis came about. I think mine has also been based on the fact that my 23 year old daughter has it to.

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MHi mandy,

I had my gp dx me for the first few yaers but i awlays knew there was omething else and i finally got an immunologist who had found out that i actually have a long list of things wrong with me.

So you really need to ask to see a specialist to rule out other things too and ask for all your vitamind and calcium levels checked as i thought my gp would of done all that and she didnt and i know have found out i am lacking in most things.

Good luck, kel xxx


H you have to have certain pain points above and below the waist theback of the neck theback legs 18 in all there is know test for it it doesnt show up in blood tests i have been realy bad today and a locom doctor gave me hope he was realy great and understood just how much pain it causes the only way i can describrd it its like a man who as lost is leg but he still feel pain even though the leg is know longer there the brain cant work it out so each day the pain can be in different places and you cant move and you are stuck in bed hope this helps love carolx if you need anymore help my emails my husbands it iain.mcleod10'


hi just wrote down all my symptons which staarted sept 2010 wen to doctor bout 18 months klater with list as long as your arm she 99% diagnosed me saw rheumatoligist jult 2011 who confirmed and yes rheumy ewerent much good to be honest but alot of support from my GP good luck and locve to you diddle x


Hi there i was sent by my gp to physio (with NO diagnoses) hoping she would help and she sent a letter back to my gp saying she was querying MS Or ME so he said i will refer u to Rheumy and there she did all the preasure tests, blood test and spinal xrays and said i had oestio arthritis in my spine and fibromyalgia and sent a letter to my gp telling him what meds i needed and also said he had to refer me to pain managment, xx


well it would seem ive been diagnosed by physio and gp, i know about the pressure points as my daughter had that she had 11 real sore points she did some on me and i almost jumped through the roof, she says im worse than her, but its like i told her im older lol she also has RA xxxxx


mine was diagnosed after 10 years of being treated for RA and still being in masses of pain, always tired, still having insomnia and depression etc. My previous rheumatology team were lovely but the new fella I'm under seems to be much more proactive.


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