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I am now going to get ready for a day on my kindle it is raining out so not much to be done outside and ache and pain all overso a day on kindle seems best option or if rain stops will prob take little patio set over to my daughter for my grandsons birthdaysnot until may/june but they can be using it now if the sun ever comes out !!!!!!!?

I hope that you all have a really lovely bank holiday monday andare pain free for a while i may be back later but if not will be on here tues love to you all diddle x

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have a good day Diddle Im of shopping with hubby, hes had to take a day of as its raining, so a day together for a change


Have a good day diddle.

Steve xx


best wishes back to you Diddle xx enjoy your reading day.

I'm also reading an e-book on my lappy today (while cuddled up with my cats in bed) - homework towards a new business we're trying to set up so we can both work from home. I'd much rather be reading my Martina Cole book!


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