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how much a good nights sleep can do!!!

I went for what was meant to be a nap about 6.30pm yesterday i didnt take my ami as it wasnt time and usually i wake up anyway, but i didnt not until 6.45am this morning my back was murder so knew i hadnt taken ami but once i got up pain eased, i feel much better mentally today, was very tearful yesterday, so hopefully that will get me through today and the pain doesnt seem to bad at the moment. hope you are having a better day today love to all mandy xxxxxx

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lucky old you wish i could have some of that sleep would be nice i not had what you had last night all week! lol anyway thats good for you enjoy your day love to you diddle x


Great news Mandy, bet that was a shock lol :)

Hope you have a good day xxx


its lovely when you have a lovely sleep ,dont go to mad today though lol :)

have a lovely day xxx


Hi mandy,

Its great when you get some well deserved sleep and boy you must of needed it to be able to sleep without amis. :)

Hope today is better for you.

hugs, kel xxx


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