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Do you think one of the symptoms of FM could be similar to that of SAD?

So many of us seem to be affected by changes in the weather, that it occurred to me that may be the symptoms are similar to SAD - Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I certainly feel better both physically and mentally when the sun is shining and the temperature rises.

What do you think?

Hugs to everyone,

Carolanne. xx

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hi i know what you are saying and not saying you are wrong but if i am honest before i had fibro i always felt better when the sun came out and all my friends and family do they are always saying oh lovely the sun but it could be you never know with this illness there are so many twists and turns to it love to you diddle x


both have a very good reasoning and i d agree with you lynn it is a fact with serotonine levels and the sun i felt a lot better when i was using a sun bed than i do now but again we still get real bad in summer as well as winter

soft hugs to you


When I was working people would ask if i had SAD, was always worse in winter months. But rheumy did bloods my Vit D was very low and calcium low, so maybe it was that. Im still unsure


My doctor diagnosed me (for want of a better word) with SAD yrs before i was diagnosed with FM as my depression always got severe in the winter months. Soon as spring arrivedi was a lot more positive.

So I am not sure on this one. x


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