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Survived the farm and bingo

My fantastic niece took the boys off and round all the animals while at the farm. I paid for them to go on an easter egg hunt, but an adult had to go to - so I paid for my mum to go on the tractor ride and the hunt, which really helped. While they done that, my hubby and I went and sat in the cafe and had a cup of tea and cake. My niece then helped push my husbands wheelchair up the slope to the last part of the farm, so they could go feed the chickens/rabbits/guinea pigs/baby lambs and go in the play area. By which time I was absolutely exhausted. :-(

We then went to bingo in the evening (first time for my hubby as he usually has to stay with the boys) after the first hour and half, my eyes were closing I was so tired, I rested my head on my hubby's chest and could quite easily have gone to sleep!! How I managed to stay awake til the end I have no idea, but I did. None of us won :-(

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glad you had nice day shame you feel bad now thogh love diddle x


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