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WHATS NEW ??????????

Well the quick answer to that is absolutely NOTHING !!!!!!! i went to bed usual time was wriggling around getting up and down for hours getting no comfort from my bed and all the squashy puffy things that i have in it eventually i dropped off for oh let me think all of an hour !

anyway i crawl out of bed at 4.10 am my hips are killing me the last few days my legs are like burning as if i ran the marathon and all across my shoulders and arms are all aching so there you go thats it in a nutshell lol

I will prob take my doggy rusty up to the seafront with my partner he picks me up and we walk about 20 mins each way he loves it (the doggy) that is.

then i think that will be it today my daughter had night out soshe will be in bed most of dy and out to wedding reception tonight oh to be youmng that 3 nights in a row which is unusual for her but get out there and enjoy yourself that what i say

hope that you have a lovely restful dyi think i am gonna go to bed later which is not like me at all but need to get some sleep love to you all Diddle x

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Hi Diddle! Love your name!! I hope that you have a decent day! Its so hard sometimes, isn't it!? Would love to be able to walk to the seafront but Brighton is the closest and its an hour drive away! Boo! :-(



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