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woken up, wow comfy, do i move and start the pain process all over again, for another day....then the alarm goes off. try to move slowly so the pain is less....and wham! it starts. stiff all over, pain everywhere, shooting up to my head. now the contemplation of how to put my pj's on to get up. wobbly legs, walking like a robot because i cant bend my legs too stiff.

made a brew after i managed to get down the stairs slowly.... me contemplating the stairs everyday is like a planning expadition. some people climb mountains, lol I used to, now I just climb the stairs as little as possible daily. I feel like a prisoner....dont want to stand up unless i have to.

I used to be so fit once upon a time....gymnastics, diver, swimmer for county, free hand cliff climber now...haha the stairs on a good day.

well we all look back, but it does get u down when i think of how difficult my life is and all those with fibromyalgia. If it wasnt for work id never go out...its amaising how u take doing things for granted until u cant do it anymore.....

well its easter, happy easter everyone.....gonna try cook a meal today on my own, as hubby always doing everything for me....xxxx

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well i hope you have a nice meal ,and happy easter to you too xxxx


hi my names peter im 55yrs old i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year about 3 months ago the fbm seem to become much worse i was in so much pain i had to speak to my g.p. on the phone he increased my meds which is (pregabalin) also known as (lyrica) from 450mgs to 600mgs at 300mgs twice daily of which is the maximum dose. on the 1st day i was away with the faries and did,nt worry about my pain so much on the 2nd day back to all the pain once now becoming very unsteady/rocking on my feet about 8 days ago i tried to pick up an empty juice carton & whoops ! down i went over a table i could,nt manage to put my hands out i do have a crutch on 1 arm because of a chronic back pain problem so i went right down heavily onto my chest bruising my ribs on my right side my daughter who was visiting could,nt stop laughing but joking apart it shocked me im now on anti-motion tabs but its not working im virtually house bound because the more i do the worse it gets. my wife does,nt seem to understand my problem as ive become very anxious & we just shout at each other all the time my (pregabalin) is to treat pain/anxiety/fibromyalgia. all in 1 capsule ??????? mmmmmmmmm. peter.b


Hi Peter,

I must admitt I laughed to, but only as I do similar things.

Im on those medications also but also loads more, including patches, so called anti depresants to reduce & block pain, 15 tremadol a day etc etc and Im still in agony so I know how u feel.

mu hubs dont understan, but he thinks he is helping me to go out and get fresh air when I just want to rest, but he dont let me.

he is off to Afghanistan at end of year with army, and although im not looking forward to being alone with this im also looking forward to the rest at the same time, when i get in from work i can just chill...

I think allot of your stress is it is newly diagnosed to u. I print bits of info off the internet in bits for my hubby to read as i think its too much for people to understand at once.....x


hi there thanks for taking the time to reply to my comment that i wrote to yuh big wow thats an awful lotta tramadol im on on 120mgs of dihydrocodiene twice aday it dunt even touch the pain ive been suffering from chronic depression/anxiety/stress for many years since i was in my late 20,s im in my mid-50,s now ive got on top of the depression after alot of practice ha lol but i cant shake off the anxiety/stress of which has elevated even worse since i was diagnosed with fbm im a horrible person to get on with at present but heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey im staying positive and i still gotta good sense of humour of which i grew up with i love & cherish my wife patsy whom ive been with since i was 12yrs old a very specail relationship my daughters & grandchildren think im a nutter but hey they,re probably right lol i did actually become a volunteer working with people with mental health problems and i beacame a community care assistant with the socail services mental health team doing the same thing for about 6yrs.well ive been there done that who better to be able to understand & be sympathetic to them apprentiship served you might say i was a very good carer & enjoyed it immenseley ive gotta see my g.p.tomoz coz my fibro,s hit the peak for at least 4 months ive almost completely lost my sense of balance & i had a nasty fall landing chest 1st onto a coffee table & ouch it hurt lol the fibro pains so bad at the mo to i,ll let yuh know how i get take care look after yourself (peter b.) x :)


hope you get to cook your ma=eal and enjoy it happy easter to youlove diddle x


Carolynn you description of your symptoms are exactly the same as mine. Wake in the morning, besides the neck, face and back pain which are tolerable I can cope. Have a little routine, hubby brings me breakfast and then I watch that twit Jeremy Kyle, pull back bedclothes and gingerly get out of bed, then wham, it all kicks in. Bounce off the walls going to the bathroom,come back to bed and literally take ages getting dressed.Frustration sets in then. Don't know why I bother as I only go downstairs and watch TV. After lunchtime I may start coming around a bit. Usually feel better before I go to bed, so ask myself why do I bother to go to bed when it will all start again next morning? Used to be just like you, so active and did everything at double the speed of light. Must be our past catching up on us, should have been more laid back when we were younger. Just thought I'd let you know that you're not the only one who feels like this every day - here's your mate. Wish people would believe us when we try to explain how we feel. I dont work now as had tgo give up because of FM years ago. Miss being and seeing other people as I am not able to get out now because of FM. I struggled getting to work when it first started. It was 2 days in work then 3 days off work so in the end asked to leave and take early retirement on health grounds. Remember I used to sit on the bottom of the stairs debating whether to go to work or not because of the pain, then I'd suddenly summon up enough courage to jump up and get out of the door and to the bus stop. Came home every night like a wet sponge,shattered. Spent every weekend recuperating so I know how you feel.

Take it easy and remember you're not alone.




Hi Avril,

Thanks for that, and although id wish this illness didnt happen to anyone, its helpfull to know im not alone, although its how i feel most of the time.

My eldest daughter tries to understand, but then laughs, but some of the things we all do with this thing must be so funny.

My husband does not understand at all and just thinks im lazy im sure....but I woke more than full time as a catering manager which is hard work, but like you said, when i get home im zombyfied...the minute I sit, i just cant move again.

I have been contemplating giving up work this year, but when is it right to do so? what if there is no help? I dont know enuf to give up work on what to do on help...

anyways my meal was fine thanks everyone for saying


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