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seen my doc about new meds

well after waiting 2wks after seeing the rhuematologist for her letter to get to the doctors about new meds diazapam & gabapentin ! docs havent recieved her letter yet so having to wait still !

My doctor is very sympathetic to my fms,ibs etc but just grinning & saying awww it must be hard !! just doesnt cut it ! I even told her about my cbt therapist being so worried about me now that she is phoning me at home to make sure i am ok but she just had that patronising sad look on her face ! she did say that if i need any letters she will do them for me.

Felt so deflated after looking forward to seeing her and feeling like i am getting nowhere :( xx

hope today is a better day for u all my friends xx

hoping to upload pics later so i mght be able to get one on my profile xx

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i know how you feel i waited 6 weeks to see rheumatoloigist was in therall od 10 mins and came out with my mouth open thinking that was it and was handed apiece of paper to hand tothe receptionist which said yes fibromyalgia and discharged (great) so that was that hi/bye/godd luck and off you go to live ytour life the bestyou can lol so i tis distressing and upsetting but there you go what can we do we after all only the patients !!!!! hope your new doctor is ok and meds love to you diddle x


Hi Amanda,

why are they waiting for a letter i would not say that my docters are " HI TEC " but all my results come via electronic mail also in my practice i have a choice of three perminent docters or two registrar. We have one main docter on our file but we have the choice of who we see and in the past my named docter has the info that my choice of docter is waiting for. might be worth asking about.

take care


So sorry your visit was not good, have a better day tomorrow x


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