too cold today!

so cold in fact that me dog refused to go out for a pee until dinner time! i did say she could use the wet room floor (she is 11) but she just looked at me and shook her head whilst backing away. cannot say that i blame her really as i just feel like having a duvet day myself. got nought better ti do than say HI to all my friends on FAH and wish you all warm soft hugs and a good book! have a nice day all. xxxx :)

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  • sounds absolutely lush in fact i cant wait for my daughter to get home from work so she can take me out in her new car up the road and prob to halfords so she can kit it out with new mats and smellys and aerial toppers as they do then home hot bath onesey and sofa mmmmmmmmmm love to you all diddle x

  • It definately feels like a duvet day to me too. My puppy won't go out for a pee either, although she quite happily goes out to chase the birds!!! :-)

    Hope you enjoy your book and snuggling under your duvet - it's where I'm just about to go.

    Gentle hugs xx :-)

  • lucky you how lovely good book you cant beat it or kindle in my case you should get one they are fantastic for fibro sufferers my writs were so weak could not hold books very well but kindle well it god send the 89 one off amazon drop few hints for easter lol love diddle x

  • I had to get a kindle (the cheap light version) as I couldnt hold a book - would send my hands into spasms. I agree it is a god send, I hadn't read a book for over 3 years because of the pain I got, since getting my kindle at xmas I've read over 20!!!

  • i use my dsi with 100 books on useful in several ways. takes great pics, play games, read books and access internet.

  • Well can you blame these dogs not wanting to go outside for a pee, if your bottom was so close to the freezing floor as theirs is would you want to do it?? Not too bad if you are a boy dog I suppose as its only the cock of a leg haha.

    Hope you al enjoyed your books/kindles whilst sitting in the warm. I have had a better day today, breakfast at Morrisons and then coffee and cake at Tesco after picking up the triplets from nursery. Got covered in beans and chocolate milk shake but what the hell, thats what kidz are all about, love it.

    Lets hope we have a nicer day tomorrow and we all have a good nite tonight. Goodnite xx

  • she cocks her leg too perhaps thats to stop getting her bits cold n wet! i was doing puzzles on fb. good nite all xxx

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